Letter: Thanks for making Annual Inter-Mtaa Festivals 2020 successful

December 20th, 2020 marked the Annual Inter-Mtaa Festivals. Thank you to everyone who helped in making our final event a huge success!

Due to the emergence of Corona virus pandemic, the league and hockey came to a standstill, with all the problems that engulfed the hockey fraternity this year, we knew we wanted this year to be the biggest year yet, and we certainly exceeded our goals. This year’s INTER-MTAA festivals had more teams, hockey players ,fans and guests than we have ever had, and that is a testament to Coast hockey fraternity and the wonderful people we have.

Throughout the years, we have had so many wonderful volunteers who have helped us along the way. These volunteers would always lend a hand in any way they could, always with a smile on their face. The teams that participated, we say thank you for availing yourselves and making the day fruitful.  We could never run this tournament without you.

Thank you to all of the people, who this year, gave monetary donations. Also, thank you to our corporate sponsors, individual sponsors and those who donated our many wonderful prizes. We thank you all for your support this year. You always gave without hesitation. In supporting us, you helped to make a difference in the lives of so many.

We also thank the entire Hockeyhalisi organization committee. Luca Opiyo,Donald Goreh,  George Omondi, Joshua Njogu and other notable volunteers  who did  an amazing job  making sure that everything was perfect in and out of the pitch. We would also like to thank Mr. Peter Gaithuma, Mr Farhan Khan, Oversees Pakistanis Global Foundation Africa, Mr. Shahzad from Japan, for everything they donated to make sure the festival was a success.

Lastly, there are no words for the love and gratitude that The Coast Hockey fraternity has shown towards HockeyHalisi. This tournament would never have been possible without them. We really do live in an amazing community, with so many wonderful, caring people. We thank you for your support of our efforts, and for the support you have shown our family.





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