Jamhuri Cup festivals 12/12/2020.

12th December was full of hockey action in Mombasa as the Jamhuri Cup Festival took place at ARYANS Sports ground.

Men’s team’s involved were Mombasa Sports Club Hockey – MSC Hockey ,  Mombasa west Hockey Club Changamwe , Daikyo Heroes Hockey Club and Mombasa Combined team.
While all the two ladies teams from Mombasa played against each other where Mombasa sports club ladies (squids) proved to be too strong for the newcomers Swans hockey club by lifting the inaugural Jamhuri Cup for the ladies.

It was a platform for team’s to start staking their claims for the regional bragging rights where Mombasa west hockey club got the better of the other three teams as they went on humiliate Daikyo heroes with a 1 nill goal win at the finals to lift the Daikyo heroes sponsored hockey festival.

Mombasa west hockey club – winners of the Daikyo heroes Jamhuri day festival.

It was a special day as Coast hockey witnessed the birth of a ladies team from the West side of Mombasa. A team with a lot of young blood and overwhelming potential to partner with Mombasa Sports club ladies to solidify our regions stake in Kenya hockey ladies teams to watch.

Mombasa sports club _ladies (green) Swans hockey ladies (white)

The games were played with a different tempo, a different playing style characterized by top notch winning mentality, hunger for victory and love for the game. Mombasa sports club showed why they are our Premier league representatives although not winning the finals, they played hockey with class and a high performance attitude. We are sure that the team will be the team to watch in the Premier division in Kenya.

Kenya’s national league teams should be aware that the Title is for Mombasa teams to lose. With the entrance of Mombasa West hockey club and Daikyo Heroes, the national league teams are not ready for the level of hockey that these Mombasa teams are playing with. The national league trophy will eventually come to Mombasa.

The event was a success and

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