The evolving coast hockey environment.

With the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, many wouldn’t have thought that the Coast hockey fraternity would survive the onslaught of the pandemic’s effect on the sport. But Alas! What sounded like the end of it all was instead a blessing in disguise.

The response of the coastal clubs was fantastic and commendable as Clubs’ internet gurus emerged and aided their coaches towards online coaching, YouTube became one of the leading coaching material, WhatsApp groups became the training grounds for many bringing the needed unity and understanding between players and coaches.

Many online platforms were formed with an aim of saving the game in this region, including the beloved HockeyHalisi blogspot where we kept rallying people to fully embrace hockey in Mombasa and it’s environs, showcasing the amazing talent that Coast hockey has.

Unity and friendlihood

The two traits are the main driving force behind the changed hockey environment. The love for the game and the self drive to success in the mentality of most of the players recently is unmatched. We’ve seen players from different clubs coming together to support each other. This was a rare occasion in the past. Coaches from different clubs training with clubs that were termed ‘rivals’ in the past. The online platforms broke all the hate and wayward rivalry traditions and introduced a traditional of love and friendship.

Top: Mombasa sports club bottom: Mvita Xi hc

Clubs went back to their drawing boards while some great minds went ahead and formed another club, some players emerged from nowhere and joined what was already an awakened fraternity to make it even stronger. The already existing clubs strengthened themselves and supported the emerging clubs.

Mombasa west hockey together with Daikyo Heroes Hc.

The formation of a new club brought the much needed competition and the hunger for clubs to strengthen their bases became intense.

We are now optimistic that the region will be a hockey hub in Kenya and soon we will be producing players who can be named in the national team. The mission for the next league is to conquer the premier league division with Mombasa Sports club, Super league division with Mvita Xi and either Mombasa west hockey club or Daikyo Motors to take the National league’s most coveted trophy.

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