George Ochieng during a training session.

Mombasa has produced sensational players with the likes of Austin Otieno, Bill Olang, Anthony Wamalwa, Frederick Arika, Sarah Asero, Joshua Njogu, Msc ladies captain Brenda just to name a few who have hit the legendary status in Mombasa.

We also have outstanding umpire’s led by the one and only Peter Obalo, Kenya’s international umpire who has graced many international events and lift our flag higher out there.

Today being the Mashujaa day, we are surely going back to where it all started, the coastal team that put Kenya in the world hockey radar in the 1970s till now which included Two most common figures in Coast hockey today, GEORGE OCHIENG and MICHAEL KATANA, The former being the current Mvita XI hockey club coach and the later patroning the young Mombasa west hockey club.

Mr George Ochieng was part of the Baobab team that made overseas trips to Germany, UK and Canada playing alongside worlds best players like the legendary Shahbaz. George Ochieng was a skillful player full of attacking flair.

The team had the high honor to play an exhibition game for his Excellency President of Kenya, at his Kabarak Home.

Apart from the Gold Cup, Baobab won most of the local tournaments, as well as the Kishan Singh Cup in Nairobi and Mapinduzi Cup in Dar es Salaam.

Today, he is imparting what he learned from different coaches and different world class players to the Mvita hockey club players. Any one who has gone through his well laid out and insightful training sessions has always wanted to come back and get more from him.

On this day, we crown him as our 2020 coast hockey Shujaa for his comeback to the scene and giving back through Coaching the Mvita Xi hockey club.

We thank you Sir. You are an inspiration to many. We can proudly say the team is in safe hands.

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    True Legend and My Coach to,Kudos to George Ochieng the Wizard dribbler.


  2. Bill Olang says:

    I marveled how in his playing days, a big guy could move so quick & gracefully!
    After watching Coach George, I was sure I wanted to be a hockey player. My mentor in the game.

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