After six long months, the FIH Hockey Pro League made a welcome return on Tuesday (22 September), with Germany women and Belgium men both recording fine victories in double headers between the neighboring nations in Düsseldorf.

Question is, Are you following the league? Do you know the players for the different teams? Do you know who scored? League standings? Are you even watching the highlights let alone the games?

Yes, football is the most followed game in the world but that should not be the case with us hockey enthusiasts. Lets wake up to hockey highlights, be hooked on the screens following the development of field hockey, Anticipate the pro league games as if we they were being played here in Nairobi.

FIH has made it easier to us by introducing the WATCH.HOCKEY app where we can watch live matches, get FIH news and updates, replay past matches, and many more.

This is a rallying call to all of us to keep ourselves updated, invite our friends and families to the game we all love, don’t keep it to yourselves. Maybe your brother, neighbor, schoolmates can become good hockey players, all they need is to start.

Lets wake up and follow the PRO League , discuss past games in our small circles or before training sessions, after training, in our homes, in our whatsapp groups and facebook pages.

When football lovers discuss about Messi and Ronaldo, We should be discussing Belgium’s Gauthier Boccard and Germany’s Janne Müller-Wieland “for all that know these guys”, if you dont know them then i am talking to you. Do your homework!

Back home, Kenya is a hockey powerhouse in Africa, do your friends know that? We have arguably the best ladies team in Africa hockey today. Hockey should be the pride of Kenya. Lets increase the following and beef up the love of the game.

Finally, lets be good ambassadors of the game, Hockey is an intelligent game and fun to watch and play. Bring your families to hockey matches.

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