“Don’t write off Mvita Xi hockey club yet! We are still strong and intact!”…

Mvita XI hockey club is probably the club out of luck this year as Covid -19 has been a universal problem, that alone has not been the issue itching this great club as the emergence of another club,”Daikyo Heroes” has affected Mvita as a number of high profile players from the club have been rumoured to have changed their allegiance to the newly formed club leaving the George Ochieng coached  side scratching their heads for a quick remedy

The club has reportedly lost high profile players with the likes of the ever green Austin Otieno, Midfielder Friday Mathew and some young players who are rumoured to have switched sides to the Daikyo Motors sponsored outfit. It is among the rumours that the captain George Omondi also has been touted for a move to the opposite side, this might be even devastating news to the Mvita camp. This might raise the question of , What next for the coastal Super league representatives? Many super league teams in Kenya might be crying for a chance to start off the league when it resumes with a trip to Mvita XI with the thought that the team is nursing it’s wounds. Well it seems you are wrong! Expect a stronger and a well organised filled with experienced and new youthful faces in the team and  coached by the former Kenyan international and a legend Mr. George Ochieng.

We caught up with the incoming captain Mark Mwangi and had this to say;…

Mark Mwangi. Mvita Xi Captain.

1. A big number of players have left the club, how has been the reaction by the management?

At the moment I cannot comment on this issue. As it is, no player has made a formal request by writing to the club’s management that they wish to leave for one reason or another.

2. How is the club going to replace those that have left?

In the event that some players leave, the club has a pool of youthful players that can quickly transition into an outfit that can blend into the main team.
Some of our working players have also committed to fully resume training to ensure a smooth transition for the team either way.
These are 1.Mark Mwangi 2.Samuel Nandwa 3.Ignaceous Wandera 4.Luc. Opiyo 5.Pascal Kalela  6.Gabu Mwangi  7.Ismail Abdulahi 8.Donald Goree 9.Kennedy Kai

3. How is the mood in the team?

The team is still intact and I’m sure it’s well equipped to fully embrace change if need be and move forward.

4. What are your plans as the incoming Captain?

First, I thank the Mvita Hockey Club’s technical team for this appointment. I have previously held this position and I’m confident my abilities to deliver in this capacity. The appointment has come in timely because at the moment I am fully available for training and traveling for away games. We also have a newly appointed vice captain, Ignaceous Wandera who is also my senior and mentor. He also has always been very supportive. We plan to work closely with the club’s technical team to develop a playing outfit that will deliver exceptional performance.

5. Do you think the team is still well stocked with players who can compete in the highest level?

Yes. It is important to note that Mvita has a vast pool of players. At the moment we have about 40+ players . 

6.What is your opinion on the formation the new club Daikyo?

For the entire Coast Hockey fraternity it is a blessing in disguise as it will promote growth through competition.
I personally wish them well.
Thank you.

Aryans sports ground…MVITA XI HOME

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