Daikyo Heroes Hockey Club- all you need to know…

We’ve all been lamenting on the lesser number of teams in the region (coast) and a team where the youth are fully nurtured beyond their perceived limits. With a mix of experience, youthfullness, ambition and resources, this team is about to change the dimensions of hockey in Coast region and Kenya as whole.

Formation of the team.

Club Patron Mr. Farhan Khan.

The team was formed by the joint forces of The Daikyo Japan Motors management especially the exceptional Farhan Khan who doubles as the director Of the company and the patron of the newly formed club. Mr. Farhan has been instrumental in sponsoring past national and regional hockey tournaments and partnering with The Mombasa county hockey association in sponsoring festivals and hockey tournaments. He has vast experience in playing hockey since his time in Pakistan before moving to Kenya in 2013 where he continued to play hockey at the former Mombasa Institute hockey club for 1.5 years and later moving to Mvita XI hockey club for more than 3 years.


The main driving force behind the formation of the club is to promote young players financially and morally. Mr. Farhan has been promoting junior players in Mombasa for the past 5 years and he feels it’s time to create a team with one dream. This is also Daikyo’s way of giving back to the community.

Team members.

DHHC Club president. Mr. Wilfred Achila

Club president. Mr Wilfred Achila. The former Mvita XI chairman is the new clubs president tasked with leading this new force to greater heights. He clearly states the motivation behind forming this team is to motivate the junior hockey players and creating a strong team to represent the Coast region hence directly growing the sport in the region. Pointing at the less number of hockey teams in the coast of Kenya, DHHC becomes the fourth men’s team in the region being a plus for the region fully supported by the Mombasa county hockey association.

Daikyo heroes hockey club team members.

The team is comprised of experienced players with the likes of Joshua Njogu, who we guess might also chip in as a coach, Mr. Austin Otieno formerly of Mvita Xi and an experienced player in the Kenyan hockey scene, a true asset to have in your arsenal. The team has also has a jaggernaut of a midfielder, the experienced Friday Mathew formerly of Mvita Xi who we know will be the main heart of the midfield partnering with one of coast’s long lost son, Steve Biko who makes a shock return to hockey. Another lost talent that has been dug out of the ashes is the once sensational former Shimo la Tewa highschool captain Joseph Mwazanje “Nyawa” who also makes a comeback to the hockey scene poised to lead the newly formed attack of the team.

The defense is kind of sorted out with the team unveiling the “beast” Norbert Sije, the no nonsense defender who will be a rock protecting the keeper most likely being Suleiman “Sule” of Mvita being linked with a move to the newly formed club.

Coaching team.

We expect the coaching team to be led by Mr. Austin Otieno and Joshua Nogu and Friday Mathew who have been an instrumental duo with creating young players right from high school and making their transition from school hockey to club hockey very easy. These three might be tasked with leading the team and discovering new talents from the school set up and transitioning the players to the youth level of the club.

We are all wishing this team the best of luck as they start their journey. Let this be the begining of a new era, undisputed era for team Daikyo Heroes. We bid you well at HockeyHalisi and may you find success in promoting Coast hockey and developing new talent.

Club’s crest.

The club will be slotted right in the national league championship in Kenya so that it can follow the rightful path to the top of the Premier league. With the resources and club’s ambitions, this team will be in the Premier league hopefully joining all the other Coast teams who are all focusing on the Premier league.

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  1. Joshua Mundia Njogu says:

    Good piece of journalism.Keep it up.


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