The Covid-19 pandemic has really slowed down what would have been a really interesting year for the Coast hockey fraternity.The programs, events, mentorship seminars for young hockey players, one on one talk shows plus the seasonal coast hockey magazine focused on seasonal achievements and failures for all our clubs.

The following are the programs we have in store for the growing Coast hockey fraternity.

Halisi hockey seasonal magazine

This seasonal magazine will be featuring game by game statistics for all the hockey clubs in the Coast of Kenya focusing on the good and the bad that every team went through. Featuring the excellent coaches, bright players and the remarkable fans making the games more attractive. Inside this much anticipated magazine will be different articles and various inspirational content hockey-related. We shall also be featuring our high schools that produce the talented players we have right now and much more educative resources.

Club house talk show.

This will be a game changer in the hockey environment in the country. We will be doing after match talk shows that will be focused on the performances of the past games and what should be done to the different teams,players and coaches to achieve success. This will be an adrenaline filled show but most importantly educative and a reality check to the under performers.There will be random guests gracing the show every weekend.

Hockey halisi transition and development program.

This program will function differently under the halisi consultancy and player management department. Here, we will be identifying potential players right from the secondary school level and nurture them to become professional players who can be accepted in various colleges and universities in Kenya and beyond. We will be there for the player during his/her high school days to club level time as we make sure the transition is smooth and gradual.

Coach one-on-one.

Under this program, we will be linking players to different coaches who will do an assessment of the individual player on his strengths and weaknesses. This program too will have a video session with the coach discussing the development, and most importantly anything concerning hockey. Our main aim is for it to be very educational and resourceful.

Man of the match award system.

We are yet to have a chat with the Mombasa County Hockey Association and various stake holders in the hockey circle to make this a reality. this is aimed at imparting motivation and focus to our players and a way to make sure our teams in Mombasa give it all in their respective matches….. more on this will be communicated. stay tuned…

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    Good job big up


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