The young Achiever-Coach Julius Masero

Coach Masero

The story of a young achiever who is destined for greatness in Coaching.

Every one can be a coach but not all can be exceptional like Julius Masero has been with his teams. He has been a coach since January 2013 as an assistant to the late Coach David  Mwasambo at St. Charles Lwanga secondary school, and has grown from strength to strength with the role he inherited from his predecessor.

To give credit where it truly deserves, Masero is instrumental in the development of hockey in the west side of Mombasa, purely  by rallying together hockey players from one region and bringing them together. He has been working on bringing new talent to the game by focusing on the Mombasa west hockey Academy , where little kids get exposed to the game and it has been a success story for him.He has been a point of reference to all who follow  Mombasa west’s regional hockey journey. He is truly an underrated figure who deserves praise and a handshake for work well done.



Personally he was and still is an outstanding  goal keeper where he started playing at club level at Mombasa Institute (M.I HOCKEY CLUB) when he was only 18 years old while in form 3 in St.Charles Lwanga.

He has won several accolades with his current club Mombasa West Hockey Club  mainly winning the Technical University of Mombasa  hockey open tournament and a runners up position at the famous Sanaa tournament in 2012 with his previous club.


St. Charles Lwanga school players holding a banner for their success back in 2013.

Julius Masero currently doubles as a coach for The St.Charles Lwanga secondary school (ladies/men) and Mombasa west hockey club.

He has led the school team to being arguably one of the best hockey school teams in the country with more than 80% transition rate of the players to club level hockey.

He has  led the team to Third place in National hockey  in 2013, East Africa secondary school games at 4th place and has been the Coast regional champions 5 times.


First, he has noticed the difference in the level of hockey  in Mombasa and the rest of Kenya and the reason behind that is the fact that Coast region doesn’t have many teams playing hockey thus the competition is low and lack of exposure due to less games played hence bringing the difference in quality.

His ambitions for the Coast regional hockey growth is  that Mombasa sports club maintains its status in the Kenya premier league, Mvita XI hockey club and Mombasa sports club ladies to win the super league and Mombasa west hockey club to win the National league.


His mentors are Coach Oliver, Peter obalo Kebaso, Coach Njogu and the late Coach David Mwasabo.

Thank you Coach and keep the good work going.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Bill Olang says:

    Good reporting & a great example of selfless giver in the sport.
    Julius is a top quality performer who has his heart in the right place.
    Keep going Masero. I salute you.


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