One on one with Coach Austin Otieno on covid-19 effects on secondary School hockey.

With the announcement that schools will resume next year January 2021. This has interrupted most of the schedules that our coaches had planned. The coaches have now gone back to the drawing board to analyze and come up with ways to keep their school teams active and engaged in hockey related activities. Digital trainings schedules have to be implemented by the various coaches for both high school and at club level too.

Fitness levels of the players will be massively affected as this depends on the personal discipline of the players and considering the different backgrounds and ways of lives of the players, this might be hard for the coaches to control online.

Lack of training materials like hockey sticks, balls and a field to train on might also hinder the development of the player. What might the coach do in such a scenerio?

We caught up with one of the best coaches in Mombasa, Mr. Austin Otieno who coaches The St. Johns girls secondary school to give us an update on his plans with the girls who are currently at the comfort of their homes, and below were how brilliant his plans were.

“Its really difficult cause the pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives not only social but even financial.The players comes from different backgrounds it’s so hard for some of them.That aside I am in constant contact with them just to see how they a doing encouraging them to stay strong and focused.we formed a WhatsApp group with a number of my players I always give them drills to do in there different localities.As training resume in some clubs I have formulated a program we’re I will always keep them informed of such.some of them have been I n attendance of such settings more with be joining with time.Though it’s difficult due to financial constraints but we will ensure we keep them forcused”.Austin Otieno, coach St. John’s girls secondary school.

St. John’s girls secondary School hockey team.

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