Post-covid 19 hockey.

We all hope and pray that this pandemic will come to an end very soon so that we can resume our normal hockeyful lives, however, what comes to mind is what if we are forced to live with the pandemic and accept our new normal? How will hockey be affected? Have you ever thought of how the game will be played as hockey is a full contact game? Ponder.
Two weeks ago during an interview, the Kenya Hockey federation Chairman was faced with the same question and he had to outline the changes that might come with our new normal.

1. Kit maintenance.  Many kenyan hockey players tend to share kits and equipment like shinguards,hockey sticks and some even go to an extent of sharing jerseys. This might never happen again, hockey players are urged to own their kit and equipment and keep them safe. For those that don’t own any, you are adviced to quickly purchase your own equipment.
2. Training ground and gym maintenance. The training ground might need constant sanitizing especially before the session behind and after the session. Club  managers are urged to do this without fail so as to ensure the safety of their own players.
3. Matchday management. This might anger the fans the most because it might bring about the introduction of the need to have a controlled crowd. Fans might need screening and sanitizing especially before the gain access to the ground or stadium.  To the players, stuff like shaking hands and team celebrations might be a thing of the past now as all the goal scorers might be forced to celebrate alone.

Collins Odipo of Mvita Xi in a match against KCNP at the Mombasa sports ground.

4. Personal hygiene. Players are urged to make sure that their personal hygiene is top notch, observation of the hygiene rules to be enforced to the latter.
5. Exclusion of players with respiratory conditions. Players with respiratory conditions like asthma might not be allowed to play or if they play there must be frequent medical checkups to avoid unwanted infections and incidents.
How do you think hockey will be played!?  We love hockey, we live hockey.


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